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Locate the file that you saved. Assign the same category to multiple contacts. In order to distribute the custom export template, you need to copy this export. To work around this problem, you must either connect the scanner directly to the network, or use a program that turns the client-attached scanner into a network device. Give this file the name Blank.

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Click Edit and select Copy. Display the contact in Edit or Summary view.

Select Tools and choose Options. Choose File Data Exchange Export.

CardScan Office 700C/V7 Pass-Through Scanner

The Mail Merge task pain opens. SYS driver that comes with Windows and it is actually bit compatible, but we did not officially certify the device for compatibility with Windows XP x Cardscsn Print from the File menu and follow the instructions in the Print Wizard. Click OK and close Control Panel.

Your email program will launch and display a csrdscan message addressed to each person you selected. Choose to Create a free-form template and click Next. After the scanner has been successfully calibrated click the OK button twice. Run the CardScan program. Drag the contact to the other application and release the mouse button.


In a few moments, your contacts will begin to merge together. Browse to the file created in steps 1 to 7 and click Open filename. Select your CardScan database, and choose Open. Complete the Export wizard to create the txt or csv file. Download and save to your desktop the 64 bit driver from here Download and install CardScan v7.

Inside the directory were you saved all of your vCards drag and drop then into the Contacts folder of the iPod. You will begin to see the address information appear in CardScan.

Open Microsoft Word to the form letter or address label template created earlier. Select the contact that contains the business card you wish to copy. How can I retrieve the backup database I saved?

Start the Cwrdscan program. CardScan 9 has included social network launch buttons that quickly allows you to search for your contacts on popular sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

You should do this for each column of information. FromList View, select all records. Then, you will be able to select this application from the list the next time you use the CardScan Import feature. Open CardScan and the other application, and size the windows so they are both visible. Click the Synchronize button to synchronize your contacts information between CardScan and Outlook. I have created a custom export template that I would like to distribute to users.


Select the contact with the missing business card from your database. In the CardScan Synchronization window, clickConfigure.

CardScan® | Dymo

The Export Wizard opens. How can I easily reformat the telephone numbers for my contacts in CardScan? Click on File – Export. Videos CardScan Overview Video.