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See if the installation runs then. Each device has a number next to it. Log in or Sign up. Unless you are an expert computer user, do not change the settings for this program. Now they are working perfecty,.. Hello all, My pc vostro is in a really bad shape and needs an xp reinstallation..

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Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the system arrived, I was in for a surprise with the dual outputs on the graphics ovstro. Thanks man, nothing like getting a new system in, building an install disk with nlite, and then promptly getting a blue screen.

System Setup Program: Dell Vostro //s Service Manual

The thought was to re-arrange our desk to minimise the items on it. It seems to be running fine in ATA, just curious if you can change after the fact. I had planned to move my Creative Labs Audigy 2 soundcard and Live Drive drive bay mounted additional inputs including Firewire which I use for my negative scanner from our old system to the new computer.

System Software…the site states that if you are reinstalling Windows XP, you shoud install this before the other drivers…and that did the trick!! This entry was posted in ComputersHardware and tagged intel matrix storage consoleraidraid 1vostro Well, unfortunately the hospital she works for will not support Vista.


Enabling RAID 1 on a Dell Vostro 220

Thank you for the info, I was getting worried. If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the Microsoft Windows desktop.

I was able to mount the flash drive and installed the bios update successfully. Good luck with that. Alternatively you can go the easy route and just slipstream the drivers into the disk. However, I have encountered one problem. I sold a Vostro to one of my customers.

Hi I need windows Xp drivers for vostro del asadvaisi yahoo. I hate eating my words so you really helped out. Over Christmas, the main hard disc on our 5. Some of the programs would need upgrading to run on Vista and the cost would be prohibitive.

Machine runs so much faster than crappy vista. I installed Xp Pro completed all the MS updates etc. Post a Comment Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Windows informed me that new hardware was detected and wanted to restart, so I let it. You are a God among 202. This still required the SATA to Molex power convertor to provide the additional power to the sound card to power the external box, but is a better solution.


Dell Vostro Can’t install Windows XP [Closed]

You saved a prefectly working PC from the trash. Dell only seems to have the Intel Storsge Manager Setuo for windows.

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Does anyone have any idea how to get around that? It finally gave me the option to go to system recovery and I re-installed the OS. Another thank you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Used to set the device priority of hard drives. Which is apparently caused by another piece of hardware not supported by Windows XP until Service Pack 2.

I am doing the same thing — dual 1TB drives and the onboard RAID1 — should be great fault tolerance — hate to waste 1 TB for a mirror but what the heck — drives are cheap.