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Even the most able ministers of finance do not make the economic weather, but can, if skilled and dextrous, navigate the head and tail winds. Ed and I also found time to collaborate to write up the story of the demise of the manufacturing side of Tiger, since, typical Eddie, he wanted to ensure that others learnt the right business lessons. Educated at King Edward School, after leaving university, he followed his passion into motorsport, participating full-time for 14 years, in the process winning four Production Car Championships, and competing in three World Championship Formula 1 rounds in South Africa between and Eddie Keizan, South African motorsport legend, industrialist, entrepreneur, family man, conservationist and philanthropist, died in Johannesburg on 21 May at the age of Israeli gymnasts competing to fly flag in Doha.

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It may have taken 70 years, but the first official visit by a member of the British Royal family began in Israel on Monday, when William, the Duke of Cambridge, arrived in Tel Aviv. Ken Howes, who too was part of that gang in the early days, recalls: SA mourns passing of motor racing great Eddie Keizan.

He retired from professional motorsport after winning the Wynns km at Kyalami in but continued racing competitively, his last major victory coming at the Border Endurance event.

Sadly, Eddie passed away on May 21 at the age of 71 but he left behind a wonderful legacy.


Israel story based on a fake narrative. We are a nation of heroes, of people with good and decent moral fibre who will not tolerate our country being plundered! Subscribe Sign in Questions or problems? Eddie also participated in rally driving, winning Lesotho’s Roof of Africa in and But he had some sage advice when I did so: A good education was a privilege.

It was his first international gathering after a damning Central Intelligence Agency report blamed him for ordering racin murder of Saudi rcing Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October. B L Premium This article is reserved for our subscribers. That tells its own story. Those are not ANC leaders.

The truth about land ownership in South Africa. Still, it was an era when, in spite of, and probably because of the lack of materialism and money, friendships were at the centre of everything. Eddie Keizan did not have the longevity of a Jody Scheckter in the sport and may not have won the World Championship, but he was still one of the best drivers around.

Eddie Keizan

The shocking truth about Joseph Kabila’s vast business empire. There are two ways to remember someone and determine the mark they have made and left.

Coke in talks with marijuana company over dope new beverages. Dr Mills heads the Krizan Brenthurst Foundation, and has authored seven books on Southern African motorsport history. Israel has true Christian friends in Mozambique.

The political economy of Star Wars. There have been a slew of vile incidents that sent shock waves through the community. Those that drove it at the highest levels in Grands Prix were blessed, but had to be at the top of their game.


Simply sign in below. His was a remarkable life, well and honourably led, and with which it was a privilege to have intersected.

Lawyers are preparing criminal and civil charges following one of the darkest weeks of anti-Semitism in South Africa. Such is the case in Mozambique, where the work of Beth-El Associacao Crista Amigos De Israel – Mozambican Christian Friends of Israel – testifies to how much can be achieved by those inspired by their Christian faith to promote the Israeli cause, despite adverse conditions. Leaked voice recordings expose campaign to remove Ramaphosa.

Eddie Keizan Formula 1 Tyrrell Photos

Eddoe US and China don’t have to fight a war. Eddie did more than well in terms of this measurement. It is the responsibility of Jews all over the world to build Israel, develop it and nurture it as the home of the Jewish nation. In these, and other adventures, he was always side-by-side with Hilary, his partner of more than 40 years. Steinhoff’s destructive cocktail of corporate greed, arrogance and entitlement.