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Originally Posted by eckart. The CoolScan series of scanners has a phenomenally long service life. The Flexcolor software that comes with the is about as basic an application as you can imagine. I did notice that on cold mornings it did work for a little bit then screwed up, another reason why I suspect it’s a heat issue, there’s no issue now after the repairs, so I think it’s a problem that can develop over time. Third , glass carriers are far more flexible when it comes to scanning irregular, damaged, or strangely proportioned negatives. More items related to this product.

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But one day when I become rich and famous I aspire to invest into an Imacon scanner. Grain aliasing is significantly reduced with T-Max Flextight holders, though, because they work best with support on all four sides of the film, are much more format-specific than Nikon holders are. FinallyFlextights are not efficient scanners of mounted slides, and with an autofocus scanner, mounted 35mm slides are flat enough that the Flextight is not going to return a massive increase in flatness more expensive Flextights can deliver far higher resolution, up to dpi flexright — but for the cost of a higher-end Flextight, you could have a lot of actual drum scans done of your favorite work….

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I am grateful for any information about this Imacon scanner. If not for you: This is true of the cheapest Photo all the way up to the First, at native resolution, the Flextight upper right is a tiny and I mean tiny bit sharper than the Polaroid lower left.


Find More Posts by Rangefinderfreak. Film grain is a means of expression for a photographer. Originally Posted by Merlijn Here is the tread: Yes Bjorn, there is a place in Danmark, look here http: Skip to main content.

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You may link to content on this site but you may not reproduce any of it in whole flextiggt part without written consent from its owner. A Flextight is a great scanner for medium-format imadon, but it is not the most versatile or in its most affordable forms, the most supported dedicated film scanner.

The fluorescent tube s in a Flextight, provided that you can live with less color correction, cost a couple of bucks apiece and are easily installed by the user. I am fairly convinced at this point that Imacon, Nikon, and Polaroid designed their negative holders to be the weak link in what is otherwise bulletproof hardware. When it use, it never reaches that.

Nice write-up of the scanner, from way back when. Probably not of any pictorial consequence.

Originally Posted by brbo. All of this is generally consistent with more casual comparisons between the and the Nikon. The alternative and extremely expensive FHG glass holder sandwiches film between two sheets of glass. The Imacon really fleextight with difficult images. I plan to do some more testing with overexposed TMY and some older, denser negatives on things like Verichrome Pan.


Talking about shame, have a look at another comparison I made: There is no comparison between scans from it and from my V The fierce style in which most Imacon owners defend their choice really makes me think. The ones available in Ebay are all without power supply, so they are just expensive pile of scrap metal.

This old Flextight scanner are often really cheap to buy, compared to their quality and their original price nearly especially. So, beyond a certain threshold with any particular film, the scanner resolution captures no additional details.

Imacon Flextight 343 Hasselblad Color Negative Scanner

Originally Posted by bjolester If you look back in this very tread, there is a link to a tread describing a workshop in Copenhagen Denmark that still services old Flextight scanner. But the intermittent switching-off slows my work down quite a bit. It doesn’t come with a 6×12 holder, so that would add to the cost.