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Last edited by iluminameluna; at Credit goes here Sponsored Link. These objectsare replicated across an entire cluster of nodes, giving Ceph itsfault-tolerance and further reducing single points of failure. Almost by accident, I tripped over some steps which seem to work every time: This means that when you first dial up, www requests are redirected to the T-Zones site.

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Your modem is now reconfigured to be plug and play in Ubuntu.

Please help, Newbie Rob. This is the first time I find this forum but I’ve been surfing for about 5 days now, trying to find a solution to my problem. Thanks for your help. You should not need to run anything manually; just check if you have the “tcl” package on your system, otherwise the automatic switching will not work.

Using the ZTE MF on Ubuntu and T-Mobile – Ross Younger

You will have to eject the drive each time you plug it in. This forum is for you. Linix accident, I happened to trip over ContentLock. I’m not sure what the problem really is but, again from reading, it seems that either my modem overheats or it’s spotty ’cause my desktop is indoors.


Need help running Linux on your netbook? I also noted that 8.

Hi, if I make my dongle plug and play for Ubuntu, will it still work for Windows? I’m using the default lnux of codenameandroid.

Using the ZTE MF626 on Ubuntu and T-Mobile

Wednesday, 10 November Many, many thanks for your help e forgive me my very poor english. It’s Pay as you Go so costs me nothing unless I use it, useful both as a backup and for if we go away. Originally Posted by corp http: Once this has happened enter the following, followed by enter you may wish to press Ctrl-A then Z and linu local echo on so you can see what you are typing!

No devices in target mode or class found Looking for default devices We have run the commands linud procedures mentioned in this article on a Ubuntu You can fire up minicom at this point on at least two of the three – 8N1 with hardware flow control works – and send it AT commands: Tags asuseeepcnetbookremixubuntuzte Thread Tools. Fri Feb 19, 6: I missed the instalation of package usb-modeswitch-data package.



Having a problem logging in? You will need a computer with hyperterminal included with windows XP to send AT commands to the modem.

Minicom is what you need. Which is why I’d like to be able to use my netbook for more than just listening to music Linhx transferred from the Win desktop.

There are a couple more details which you are likely to need, these are: I found this can take up to 15 seconds from issuing the eject. Android Apps and Games.

The Ceph Foundation and Building a Community: Close the UI and open hyperterminal or equivalent and connect to the appropriate COM port using these parameters:. NET clone for linux. It’s one of a linus computational “handicap”. I’ve only been able to update my netbook once, when I was able to access the ‘net in KY, sometime in the first quarter of this year and it was only a software update, obviously.